Vintage Wide World of Sports Quiz Board Game - Party Game - QUIZ NIGHT - Sportsperson gift - Channel 9 Television 1980s

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Wide World of Sports Quiz

The Game

Playing either as teams or individuals, players in turn attempt to answer questions on any one of a host of different sports you would be likely to see on any Saturday afternoon on Channel 9 (in the 80's) "Wide World of Sports". Each correct answer moves your athlete one position closer to the finish line. First to correctly answer fifteen questions hits the line first and wins. The majority of the questions are general knowledge and not specifically related to the era. So would make a great game for even those who have never seen the show. Instructions are on the back of the box. Over 2000 question


Crown & Andrew

Country Manufactured

Sydney, Australia 

Year Manufactured


No of players and ages

For 2 - 8 players Suitable for 10 years up


Board -  is in very good condition, only damage is a small patch of of the black surface on the back peeled of. Top of board is excellent

Game pieces - The red athlete is missing and been replaced with a red dragon plastic marker. All other pieces are there and in excellent condition.

Quiz cards - :Look unused excellent condition.

Box - Show light signs of wear around the edge of the top cover and has had two corners taped neatly.

Overall for 30 years old I would say it is in very good condition