Large Fully Jointed Handmade Teddy Bear - Recycled Fur Jacket

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Mottled Brown Real Fur Teddy Bear

I am in love, being a bear collector myself it may not be for sale for long as I may decide to keep him. Have made a deal with myself if he is not sold before September, he is my birthday present to myself

Not suitable for children, this bear is for collectors


He is a dark chocolate brown with milk chocolate highlights, my camera can not get the colour right, the light patches do not stand out as much as they do in the pictures.

He is oozing with character with his pot belly and flopped over ear.

He has five joints (arms, legs and head) with all his joints moving quite freely.  He body and head are very firmly stuffed with his arms and legs a little less so and shaped giving the impression of his knees and elbows.

Extremely well made




Mid 1990's

Materials made from

  • Suede - used for paws, inside of ears and snout
  • Recycled 1970's real fur jacket I am unsure what animal the fur is from. The fur is extremely soft and quite long.
  • Black thread - His mouth and nose are embroidered with black thread
  • Plastic amber eyes - Small amber eyes with black pupil eyes


Stands 45 cm tall

Vintage Condition


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