Vintage Infuser Mugs

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Assorted Vintage Infuser Mugs

Choose from base colour listed left to right in first photo


Asian Inspired Knobbed Lid Infuser Mug (White) 

  • Description - Pretty Asian inspired vine design with swallows and locus. The infuser insert on this one is quite large with a lot of holes. THe colour is more accurate in the individual photo than the group photos
  • Year - 1990's 
  • Design method - transferred print
  • Capacity - 300 mls
  • Measures 13.5 cm high with lid off and 17 cm with lid on x 8.5 cm diameter (not including handle)
  • Weight - 610 g unpackaged
  • Condition - In excellent vintage condition with no signs of damage or wear. 

1970s Hand Painted Cherry Blossom Yellow Infuser Mug (Yellow)

  • Year - 1960/70s
  • Design Method - Hand Painted
  • Description - Lemon in colour with a hand painted cherry blossom branch covering most of front of mug, The infuser insert has 16 hole evenly circled around and addition 7 holes in the base. Great larger holes. 
  • Capacity - 250 mls
  • Measures - 11 cm high
  • Weight - 530 g unpackaged
  • Condition - The lemon glaze  varies in colour depth throughout, which I like and believe it is not a fault but shows that it was glazed by a human and not a machine. It has no cracks, chips, or crazing. Over all very good - excellent vintage condition.