Vintage Floral Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers

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Vintage Floral Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers

PERFECT size ffor the family or affordable enough for everyday table use 

Condition - Both these pair of salt and pepper shakers are in excellent condition with no damage or wear. Both also have their plastic stoppers underneath Choose from


Lovely classic look with a thick gold rim around the top and a thinner gold ring atound about half way down, with a dainty ring of peach colour wild roses with beige foliage with the gold border. Salt has three holes spaced in a triangle and the pepper has five holes spaced in a square shape with one in middle.

Measure 8.5 cm high It has no stickers or stamps


Made in Japan by Grizelle, Sticker in place. Cylinder in shape covered in a chintz pink flower with beige foliage design. The salt has one hole and the pepper three holes running in a straight line.

Measure 9 cm high x 5 cm diameter