UFO Visitations Hardcover Book w/ dust jacket by Alan Watts- Reprint 1996

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UFO Visitations Preparing for the Twenty-First Century HB with dust jacket

Written by Alan Watts

Printed by Brockhampton Press Reprint 1996.

Illustrations by Dave Johnston. 

First published in the UK 1996 by Blandford.

Written inside front of dust jacket

" After a lifetime of studying the UFO phenomenon, Alan Watts is convined that not only are extra-terristrial visits to our world a fact, but that the continued presence of UFOs over the last fifty years has produced a change in human awareness. In this sequel to his internationally successful UFO Qest, he explains how we have been receiving direct communications from deep space for over twenty years. This book tells how, through the use of specific chaels and key individuals, messages from a powerful group called the Council of Nine have beeen received. These messages contain a wealth of information on the past, present and likely future of this planet. Despite their knowledge of the phenomenon, the 'powers theat be' seem unwilling and even afraid to confirm this. Watts is convinced that as we approach the twenty-first century, the messages reveal that the time is near for direct contact and that the world's governments must soon 'own up' to their fear. He feels that the general public does not shar that fear and should have the knowledge of this momentous event in our human history. There is also a dark side to this phenomenon, he says which can only be defeated through knowledge. This book is his contribution to the growth of that knowledge".

I admit I have read this, though a bit over my head with the scienctific stuff which in parts in goes very in depth, I found it very interesting as I believe it would be very naive of me to believe we are the only living species in the massive universe. Has 218 pages. In like new condition including the dust jacket. Whether you are a believer or not it makes a very interesting read.

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