Vintage Black Douglas & Bells Scotch Glasses and Ludlos Port Glasses Nine

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Selling together as a bundle What a great lot to smarten up the bar or have put aside for when mates drop over for a couple of drinks  ( I have on an occasion when visiting  been offered the choice of a coffee mug or a plastic kids cup to drink my beverage from due to lack of glassware.) iAll nine glasses were issued as promotional 


Bundle contains

Three Identical BELLS SCOTCH WHISKEY Glasses

  • Description - Quality crafted scotch whiskey glasses with a very unique bobble base design, with a very attractive white frosted BELLS logo.
  • Measurements - The approx. size is: 8cm tall, 7cm diameter top, & 7cm diameter base. 
  • Capacity = 150 mls

Three Identical LUDLOWS TAWNY PORT Glasses

  • Description -3 cm pedestal base with The bowl of the glass has a slight hourglass shape to it. and sits upon a 3 cm pedestal base Written in gold on front "LUDLOWS Tawny Port"
  • Measurements - 6.5 cm high x 4 cm diameter across rim
  • Capacity -

Three Vintage Black Douglas Scotch Whiskey Tumblers/Glasses

Each glass has a different form of the Black Douglas Logo

  • "The Black Douglas Deluxe 100% Scotch Whiskry - Aged 8 Years in Scotland" on one side
  • "The Black Douglas" on one side
  • ""The Black Douglas Deluxe 100% Scotch Whiskry - aged and blended in Scotland " on one side and written on the other side reads "Here's a bottle and an honest friend What wad ye wish for mair man? - Robert Burns" 
  • Measure 9cm high x 7.5 cm diameter
  • Hold 220 mls

Any left over $3 from postage is refunded  I am happy to combine postage for multiple purchases to be sent together, \