Three 1980's Puppy Collectors Plates

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Three 1980's Puppy Collectors Plates 

All are numbered.

This lot consists of two plates from the River Store " Puppy Playtime " Series a(which had eight plates in the series) nd other one is a  Hamilton Collection Child's Best Friend. 


Puppy Playtime  "Catch of the Day"

  • By - River Shore. 
  • Year - 1987
  • Number in gold handwritten - 1077J
  • Description - Cute puppy in swamp with a boot.
  • Condition - Very Good - Excellent

Puppy Playtime "Getting Acquainted"

  • By River Shore. 
  • Year- 1987
  • Number in gold handwritten -0923F
  • Description - Two puppies meeting a duckling.
  • Condition - very good - excellent.

Hamilton Collection " On the up and Up"

  • Based on original artwork by Bessie Pease Cutmann.
  • It is the sixth plate in the series "A child's best friend) 
  • Year - 1986.
  • Number in in handwritten black ink "0203BA
  • Description - Toddler climbing stairs with small puppy following.
  • Condition - very good vintage condition
NOTE - These are display plates and are not suitable to eat from