Beanie Kidz Bears Bulk Lot of Six

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Six Pink and Purple Beanbag Teddy Bears , selling together.

None have original sale tags but all have their other tags which have their names. They are all Beanie Kids except the one sitting on the far right, which is a Message Bear.

From left to right in first picture they are

  1. Bluebeary" is such a little cutie. Has extremely soft fur (feels like chenille) which is highlighted with many shades of purple it seems to change colour if his fur is pushed a different direction. He has a purple ribbon sewn under his chin in organza. He is my favourite in this lot. In excellent condition. Very Clean.Measures 20 cm long 
  2. "Cha Cha" is a Show Girl. , she is wearing a candy floss pink velvet dress with faux fur trim. She shows some signs of play with some very minor piling to sides of her face and the satin on her dancing shoes shows very small little pulls and has a little dust. Overall she is still good condition. She is 22 cm long 
  3. "Polly" wears a satin pink dress with black polka dots with matching nickers. Her matching pink hair in a pony tail. I have wiped her down with a cloth but she shows signs of play (especially being white) she has a slight dirt tinge. She does not have any rips or stains. Measures 22 cm high. Overall fair -good condition due to needing to be washed 
  4. "Strife" has the same pink hair as Polly. Maybe she is Polly out of her suit. Haha. Her costume is magenta and royal blue with gold piping and a black cape. On her chest is two xx in a bears head shape. In excellent condition, only used for display not play. Measures 20 cm long
  5. . Lavender purple Messenger Bear with his message on his chest "SMILE", he also has a big smile on his face. The other tag on him I think is his maker "Space invaders" Has a loop on top on his head to hang. Excellent unplayed with condition. Measures 21 cm tall 6 )
  6. DECADE, the 10 year Anniversary TY Beanie Bear - He has silver flecks through this yellow coat, his coat also has a deep red underneath colour. A red ribbon around his neck and he has a plastic dome badge built into his chest with "10 Year Anniversary" in rainbow colours. Made in 2003 to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of TY Beanie toys. TY Beanies were made in China and made exclusively for Target Stores. In good - very good played with condition. Measures 23 cm high ]