Original 1937 Large Advertisements - -9 pages NOT PDFs or copies

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1930's LARGE Original Advertisements  -Ready to frame

Total of 18 prints

Original Advertisement pages from the Christmas Edition of 'Holly Leaves Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News" magazine, no. 3348A dated 15 November 1937. These are loose pages from the magazine, not photocopies or PDF's and will be sent rolled in a tube.

Measurements - Each sheet is 36.5 cm x 26.5cm

Consists of

  • COVER The pictures are in the order they were in the magazine, the front cover is pretty rough with the edges fairly tattered and some one places where the paper has worn away, on the reverse side of this sheet is an advertisement for Player's Cigarettes which is in a lot better shape if you wished to frame.
  • PAGE 1 & 2 The next page is the Friar Monk with the saying "Proof of the Pudding", very good vintage condition but remember their will be slight yellowing due to its age 79 years old. This is a great print with his cheeky smile and on the reverse of this sheet is a print of the painting by Lionel Edwards "Old Noll and the Highman" with underneath the story behind the painting. Very interesting.
  • PAGE 5 & 6 Page 5 is in very good condition with a courting poem which is lovely illustrated, on the other side is a print for the learner driver. a cartoon about a learner driver's nightmare called the "Learners Repose" which is also in fabulous shape for its ageand would look great framed. 
  • PAGES 9 & 10 Page 9 has a part 2 of a story with illustration titled "Grenville and the "Revenge" 2. Surrender". Interesting print couple of marks down the side but definetly would not be seen framed. On the other side is a lovely print called "House of Cards" showing two children building card house. In good - very good condition
  • PAGE 13 & 14 Page 13 is for "de Reszke" Cigarettes which have been packed in Christmas Box with the sea, cliffs and seagulls. It unfortunately is missing a piece along the side as well as a rip which framed should not be seen. On the other side has a Christmas Advertisement for Haig Whiskey which also has the chuck missing down the side and a small rip, framed it should be barely noticable.
  • PAGE 35 & 36 Page 35 shows an advertisement for Cravena Cigarettes in packets of 100. Couple of marks on the side but again would be covered when framed, on the other side is my favourite, it is an ad for brylcreem showing a couple in the mirror. Great print does have a crease in the top but still a terrific original old print. P
  • AGE 37 & 38 Page 37 shows an illustration of guides with two hikers looking at huge footprints in the snow with a story underneath titled "The Trial of the "Aboninable Snowmen" A mystery of the Himalayas" In very good vintage condition. On the otherside is another of my favorites for men's shirts. Great print and would look fabulous framed.
  • PAGE 43 &44 A Christmas Advertisement for The Grey's Cigarettes. In very good condition and on the other is another Illustration and Story titled "The Poacher - A nineteenth century flemish drama of the Countryside" in great condition
  • PAGES 45 & 46 The other sheet is an advertisement for Martini Vermouth with the reverse side being an advertisement for McVitie & Prices Christmas Specialties. Shows a selection of some great tins. Would look great framed for the mancave or even the kitchen. Both in good vintage condition but remember there will be slight yellowing and wear to edges due to its age 79 years old.

Look at pictures for more description

The first wedding anniversary is paper, these framed would make a great gift