Four National Gallery of Art Prints

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Four  Licensed National Gallery of Art, Reproduction Prints on Premium Heavy Stock Paper.

Measurements - The premium heavy stock paper for each is 35 cm high x 27.5 cm wide

Listed in same order as first picture from left to right starting from the top by the name of the artist

RAPHAEL -, Raphael (1483-1520) Italian, The print of the painting painted around 1510 "The Alba Madonna", the print captures all of the vivid colors and details of the original. This print is ready for hanging or framing and would make a great addition to your home or office decor. Was part of the Andrew Mellon Collection. CONDITION- Has light bends in the top right hand side which would be barely noticed when framed. The bends are on the white not the picture at all. MEASURES - The round picture measures 24 cm in diameter

PHILIPPE DE CHAMPAGNE - Philippe de Champagne (1602-1674) this print is a portrait of "Omar Talan". The original oil painting that this print was taken from was painted was 1649. CONDITION - Has a light bend in the top right hand side which would be barely noticed when framed and and the border has some yellowing. The picture is not marked or yellowed. MEASURES - The picture measures 28 cm high x 20 cm wide

ZURBARAN - Francisco de Zurbaran ( 1598-1664) this print is of ""Saint Jerome with Saint Paula and Saint Eustochium" painting. Very detailed picture, the expressions on their faces you can nearly see how they feel. CONDITION - Has two very light bends (lighter then the first two), again up in the right hand side and again would not see once framed. This is a really bad photo, looks so much better than the picture. MEASURES - Shaped in an arch (church like), measures 28 cm high x 20 cm wide

MORETTO DA BRESCIA - Moretto da Brescia (C1498-1554)This print is of the painting "Pieta" which the original was painted 1520. Has a light bend in top corner but framed would not be visable. Picture measures 30 cm high x 16 cm wide.