Mini Mr & Mrs Wonderful Talking Doll Keychains

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KMini Mr & Mrs Wonderful Talking Key Rings

  • Made in Australian by MDI in 2004.
  • Buy individually or buy both They are great for a laugh at Hens night or Ladies night.
  • They both have large plastic key rings attached at the back of their shirts and when their body is pushed
  • Mr Wonderful has 6 different sayings and Mrs Wonderful has 7.

WARNING - Some of the saying of these two may be seen as sexist

Condition - They seem to be in great working used condition. Mrs Wonderful has a thread loose on her hand as seen in pics otherwise no other damage I can see


Mr Wonderful knows just what say to make him perfect. His sayings are

  1. Lets cuddle tonight
  2. Actually I'm not sure which way to go, I'll turn in here with you
  3. I don't care what we watch
  4. You know honey, why don't you relax and and let me cook dinner
  5. The ball game really isn't that important, I'd rather spend time with you


Mrs Wonderful doesn't let Mr Wonderful stress here, she knows just how to be the perfect wife. Her sayings are

  1. Don't worry about taking the trash out, I could use the exercise
  2. It really doesn't matter if you leave the toilet seat up, it makes it easier to clean
  3. You don't need a glass, just go ahead and drink straight out the bottle
  4. Oh, a new reversible drill, oh honey just what I needed. 5
  5. Are you sure its Ok to wash this shirt, you have only worn it a couple of days.
  6. Don't feel bad honey, I forgot our anniversary too
  7. Your right, we don't need directions, maybe you will find a short cut.
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