Kit Williams Hardcover Childrens Book with NO NAME

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Very unusual children's book because it has no title

Author -Kit Williams

Published -1984 the second copy that year..

The author Kit William did not reveal the name of the book until 1 year and 1 day after it was first published. Hidden with the pages are the clues which will enable you to discover the title for yourself. He challenged buyers of the book to find the title and express it without using the written word, awarding a prize to the person who had the most imaginative answer.

Taken from inside the cover

"I have words to offer wisedom, And pictures to delight, A story of a tragic Queen, And a fearless Knight, But my name remains a secret, Its hidden here within, If you can but find it, More treasure you might win"

Condition - Very good vintage condition, no names inside cover or damage I can find