Genuine Australian Artist Painted Mallee Root Slab

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 Australian Artist Hand Painted Mallee Root Wall Hangings

These beautiful high gloss slabs of Australian Mallee Root have been hand painted by local Australian artists of Australian Scenery. 

They were sold as souvenirs in the 80's by Wildlife Creations. Mallee Root comes from the Mallee Tree which is one of the worlds oldest and most distinctive woods,

Unlike other souvenirs which are replicas these were unique with no two ever the same and local artist painted. Both have original sticker still on the back and a loop for hanging. The artists are unknown but they are both beautifully painted

Both very good - Excellent vintage condition. A lot more beautiful than my bad photography portrays

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The more colourful piece of mallee root with a lot of burnt oranges running through it. A beautiful day, calm waters, gum tree and sandy riverbanks.

Measures 30 cm high x 24 cm long x between 2.5 cm and 3 cm thick


A dark piece of mallee root. Lovely warm colours of the wood that the artist has carried through with the painting. I think this may be a view of the River Murray with the Cliff on either side.

Measures 39 cm long x 24 cm high x between 2.5 cm and 3 cm thick

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