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1) BROWN SPANIEL - Brown Spaniel made by Tangerina. His got lovely brown plastic sad puppy dog eyes and a plastic nose with embroidered mouth, his hair has a wave to it with longer hair covered floppy ears and tail. In very good condition. Measures 25 cm long which includes his tail x 16 cm wide x 7 cm high

2) RUSS GREY DOG - Russ Schnauzer named "Gin" Beanie Puppy - wavy grey coat with flat ears sticking out to the sides with a fluffy white beard. Little black plastic eyes and nose. In very good condition. Measures 22 cm long Has cloth tag attached. Measures 25 cm long x 16 cm wide x 6.5 cm high

3) NOLAN YELLOW, the yellow soccer (I think bear) was made in China for Famous Legends and Sport Heroes Inc in West Berlin, Germany. He has the number "34" embroidered in blue stitching on the front of him with what looks like a soccer ball with a silver lightning strike machine embroidered on the other. On his back he has embroidered signature " Nolan Beanie 5714 K Express to Cooperstown". In excellent condition, like new, though has no packaging or paper tags. Measures 22.5 cm high

4) DAFFODIL BEAR/BADGE, Daffodil Day Beanie Bear is a Beanie Kid made in China for Shamon Giftware. This one was issued as a fund raiser for Daffodil Day which raises money for the Cancer Foundation. His daffodil shirt is fully removable. Has a couple of loose ends which I did not notice until I took the phone which I will remove. Overall good - very good played with condition. Measures 23 cm high. Also included in a Beanie Kids Collectors Badge

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