Assorted Bundle of Beer Tankards and Glasses - Bar Glasses

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Beer Tankards and  Beer Glasses  - Selling together

They are all in excellent condition, showing no signs of wear or use. Perfect addition to any bar

This bundle  or six consists of 

Pair  Hahn's Brewing Premier Beer Glasses

Description - Stylish tall rare design with a pedestal base. One for the beer fan and his friend this pair of lager or beer glasses are special and collectable. The PREMIUM logo remains a permanent symbol of one of HAHN'S most successful and popular beers and brewers. Measurements - 6.5 cm wide X 21 cms( 8.25") tall. Holds -  250 mls

Port Broughton Bowling Club Promotional Glass

Description - Gold rimmed tumbler with a "PORT BROUGHTON BOWLING CLUB" written around a picture of a sailing boat on one side in a rich gold and also in the same rich gold a picture of the bowling club on the other. Was probaly given to members for participation. In excellent condition with no wear to the gold at all. Very good quality glass. Measurements -14 cm high x 6 .5 cm diameter Lovely thick dimpled base. Holds - 300 mls

Groisch Glass

Description - Grolsch Glass, the glass has indented arches on each side, making it beautiful to hold with embossed "Grolsch" running down the indents, on the rounded areas on one side it has the green Grolsch logo and above it running vertically in frosted "CRAFTSMANSHIP & ARTISTRY" with a frosted border on both sides, one side also has a frosted marker near the top of glass with "0,3L" In excellent condition. Measurements -16.5 cm high x 6.5 cm diameter. Holds 300 mls

Lowenbrau Stemmed Wine Glass.

Description - Lowenbrau Stemmed Wine Glass, which was made in Germany. Has the Lowenbrau Coat of Arms on one wide with "LOWENBRAU - MUNCHEN- Made in Germany" underneath. On the other side it has a frosted marker with "0.25l " above the line "rastal" underneath the line. Measuresments - 17.5 cm high. Holds 250 ml.


Very tall thick Glass Beer Mug/Tankard On front in a double ring border circle with a yellow background is a large "B" with "Les Brasseurs" written across it. Great for milkshakes too. Holds 500 ml. Measures 21 cm high x 7.5 cm diameter with a large handle to accomadate the larger hands. Weighs 920 g

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