Assorted Cribbage Boards All vintage

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Vintage Cribbage Boards

Choose of three (In the same order they are pictured)

Handcrafted Two Tone Wood Inlay 

Two tone wood with inlay lighter wood used for scoring columns. Handcrafted. Has a secure metal clip at one end to store pegs. Comes with four metal pegs for scoring.

  • Measures - 25 cm long x 8 cm wide x 1.5 cm thick.
  • Condition - Very good vintage condition

Plastic Travel

Great little plastic travel cribbage with five white plastic pegs which are stored underneath in an enclosure with a slide closure at one end.

  • Manufacturer - John Sands
  • Era - late 70's early early 80's. 
  • Condition very good vintage condition
  • Measures - 18.5 cm long x 5 cm wide x 1 cm thick
  • Free shipping in Australia

Black Print 

Rectangular wooden cribbage board with black print   Each end has two holes for pegs which covers with a swivel tin metal cover.  Pegs not included

  • Condition -  very good vintage condition.
  • Measures 31 cm long x 7 cm wide x 1 cm thick