Antique Silver plated Patented Edwardian Era Stamp Holder marked J.W.B

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Silver plated Patented Edwardian Era Stamp Holder marked J.W.B. 

Slides open when the slide is lever in centre is up. Has a ring on the top where it would have been hang from from a ribbon or chain. My grandmother told me ladies would tie them to their petticoats to keep them handy along with a pencil and pad but also to keep their stamps from being stolen in the early pioneering days. They were usually not as fancy as this one. This one would probably have been owned by a lady of considerable wealth.

Beautiful Art Nouveau design on both front and back, Markers mark on the side, a shield with J.W in the top half of it and a B underneath. It is patented, unable to find one same.

Condition - The plating does have a dark mark on the front, not rust, not sure what it is but it looks like it would come off with some polishing, but I am a bit scared I will dent it or damage it so will leave that up to the new owners Overall it is in good condition, hard to believe it is as old as it is

Measures 8 cm long x 4 cm wide x 1 depth

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