1st Ed The Royal Presence in Australia HB Dust Jacket by Philip W Pike

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Beautiful 1st Edition Hardcover Book "The Royal Presence in Australia 1867-1986"" by Philip W Pike with its dust jacket.

A lovely royalty collectors piece.. Published in 1986 in Australia by Adelaide Company Royalty Publishing.

It has both colour and black and white photo's, the paper is of very good quality and glossy. Has a Contents page at the front and contains 262 pages in all. Covers all the Official Royal Tours of Australia from 1867-1986 

Take the dust jacket off and it reveals a stunning blue cover with the title and author in the centre with the most stunning enriched with gold filigree calligraphic swirls within the wide border

Taken from inside the front cover on the dust jacket sleeve -

"Since 1867 there have been over fifty official royal visits to Australia by different members of the royal family. They have always been received with great warmth and affection by the Australian people. This attractive and comprehensively researched book with its large collection of illustrations and photographs, gives a colourful account of the official tours from 1867 to 1986."

Condition - Dust Jacket - Along the top of the dust jacket, no rips just curling up a bit like they do and slight yellowing due to being over 30 years old. Book - Slight fold along the edge on family tree as seen in pictures.OVERALL - The damage and wear mentioned above is so mild I would say it is in Almost excellent vintage condition.

Size - It is a large book measuring 32 cm high x 24 cm wide when closed.

Weight - Over 2 kg