1990's Large Handmade Teddy Bear

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Handcrafted Large Golden Beige Teddy Bear with Movable Joints.

I love home crafted teddies, this means they are one of a kind, no two will be identical, which makes them special

This gentlebear case embroidering his mouth and nose in black thread and giving him quite large black eyes, he has a well rounded stomach and it is quite firm  He has movable joints in his legs, arms and neck. 

Stands 42 cm high.

Condition - The joints in his neck and legs move very freely, which will not allow you to pose him with the loose joints and his big belly he legs wont balance or hold position at all. His neck joints also are like this. THey  dont appear to be breaking though, maybe he was just made like this.

Kids love him, he is a definite hit  Maybe its his size Would make a great bear for a three or four year old  boy being the age which he is currently attracting.  He has no stains, rips, tears or damage and is very clean (having had a bath on arrival and disinfected)