Hand painted Porcelain Counter Reminder Memo Metal Stand

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Hand Painted Porcelain Tile Memo w/Metal Stand 


Gorgeous Memo Porcelain Tile which has been very beautifully hand painted by Dee Vee in 1973, with pink roses in the top left hand corner with "Memo" written in the right top corner with a green dash border.

The tile is adhered to a off white powder coated (I think) metal holder which has a stand to elevate the top making it slant to view easily with a decorative curled wire edge around the top. Down the right side is a tray in which a whiteboard texta can sit. The tray has a crinkled edge down the length on it.

It does NOT include a white board marker.


Dee Vee

Year painted



Damage - Couple of very flecks of paint missing as seen in pictures, this is not very noticable.

Overall Condition - considering its age is about 45 years old it is in very good vintage condition.


23 cm long x 15 cm wide x 6 cm high at top end. The tile itself in tray is about 20.5 cm high x 10.5 cm wide x just over 1/2 cm thick

Decor suited 

  • Country cottage
  • Shabby Chic
  • Country Kitchen
  • Farmhouse
  • Feminine 
  • Floral


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