1970s Assorted Gift Cards

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1970's Assorted Gift Cards

An assortment of unused greeting cards form the 1970's.

Please note these cards do not have envelopes. They are unused and have not been written in.

eautiful cards something for everyone. If you would like me to write in it and add it to a gift I can. If you would like me to mail direct to the receiver I can. Just message me before or after you order to let me know. Choose from

1) Cheer up Card - Girl in blue with a posy of flowers on cover, inside says "Cheer Up"Measures 20 cm high x 12 cm wide

2. Get Well Card - Little girl in pink dress sniffing flowers with a card "For You"Inside says "Waiting to hear your better"Measures 19cm high x 11 cm wide

3.Femaile Birthday Card - Little girl wearing a green dress with matching hat playing the baritone with flowers coming out, the card lifts up and inside says "Happy Birthday to You" Measures 18.5 cm high x 11/5 cm wide

4) Valentines/Love Card - On cover is a girl who has speared an olive sitting in a martini glass, inside it says "Here's to Love"Measures 18 cm high x 11.5 cm wide.

5 Male Birthday Card - On cover a gentleman with a flower cart and big hat and moustache, inside it says "Birthday Greetings"Measures 13.5 cm high x 15.5. All cards one price which includes postage