1950's Yellow Plastic Milk Bottle Holder/Carrier and Glass Milk Bottles - Rockabilly Décor

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1950's Yellow Plastic Milk Bottle Carrier/Holder with Glass Milk Bottles

Extremely hard to find in this colour, the carrier is faded and has some surface scratching but overall considering it is over 60 years old it is in good used vintage condition. Not brittle at all. It also has a matching milk bottle cap, which fits on both bottles and is in excellent condition with no fading or damage. It looks like it was never used.

The milk bottles are both embossed. Both have no chips or cracks. They are however different with one being a lot older than the other.

  • The older one is in need of more cleaning. It has embossed near the base on one side "ONE PINT" and "MILK" on other side. underneath running around the bottle underneath the above "THIS BOTTLE BELONGS TO MILK BOTTLES RECOVERY LTD AND CANNOT BE USED WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION".
  • The other bottle is embossed at the top "600 mls" with " Pasterised milk" underneath on one side and on the other side "600 ml" With a good clean would make great water bottles for the table and fridge.